Sometimes it is hard to explain the domains project. I’ve taken to using the metaphor of a lump of clay to describe it. There are just so many things that you can create and so many different approaches that someone can take. For the most part we have only really dug into using WordPress but there are a ton of other applications that can be installed. At it’s most basic level you could even install simple HTML files and avoid applications all together.

Even within the world of wordpress though there are so many options. Maybe you create a static site with some pages about a particular interest or you could create a dynamic blog that is updated every few weeks? Maybe you pull all of the examples of great work that you are doing into one place and make a portfolio. There is so much that you can do.

To help explain what DoOO and Knight Domains is we have started a small examples page.

There are only a small number of examples there right now but we hope to grow them as time goes on. Each example will take you to a static page with screenshots from the live site, a link to the live site, technical info about what the site is running in terms of application, plugins, themes, etc., and a statement from the author.

We hope that the examples will serve as a great place for those who are new to domains to go for inspiration and ideas.

Photo by Aldric RIVAT on Unsplash

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