What is Knight Domains

What is Knight Domains

We are super excited to announce Knight Domains: St. Norbert College’s next level in our Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) initiative.

What is Knight Domains?
Knight Domains is St. Norbert College’s first supported technology offering for students, staff, and faculty that enables public voice through web hosting.

Knight Domains provides 1GB of web server storage and a subdomain of knight.domains to any St. Norbert faculty, staff, or student.

To get started you can sign up at https://knight.domains but we highly recommend anyone who is new to remote web server management (which is not as intimidating as it may sound) make an appointment at the Tech Bar to get started.

Knight Domains is supported by Academic Technology and the Tech Bar, the hosting partner is Reclaim Hosting. By signing up for Knight Domains users agree to the College’s Computer and Networking Appropriate use Policy as they do for all College computing services.

If you were part of one of our early pilot projects and were provided with a coupon code that paid for a shared hosting account, you have a few options and will have to make some decisions. We have laid out all the options in a recent post.